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Foreign investment

Are you looking to do business in Uganda? Our well-grounded team will be glad to introduce you to the business and legal regime and diligently guide you on the Uganda investment climate and requirements to incorporate, commence and fully sustain commercial business operations in Uganda.

Our firm is among the trusted & recognized contributors to the World Bank, Doing Business Report since 2005and our recent contributions on doing business in Uganda have been recognized and acknowledged in the World Bank Doing Business Report 2016. This report analyses the blanket convenience and costs of doing business in Uganda and the protection conferred to foreign investors by the national laws.

Fortune 1000 companies have a priority to invest in Africa in sectors like renewable energy, natural resources, energy, construction, health, information technology. Foreign companies have increased investments in Uganda because of the untapped consumer market and improved infrastructure to foster business and the proliferation of Private Public Partnerships and government procurement of goods and services.

Our experienced and well-acquainted transactions team advises foreign companies on cross-border transactions including joint ventures, strategic alliances, agency relationships, international distribution and sales, franchising, project finance, intellectual property licensing. From planning to execution, we anticipate our clients’ needs and respond pragmatically and proactively as we define the key issues and develop convenient practical solutions or course of action to address the challenging matters. 

We offer our clients a breadth of services designed to optimize their ability to conduct and operate their business in Uganda and engage in the cost-efficient and timely exchange of goods and services within and across borders, in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

We advise foreign clients on matters of business formation, land acquisition, immigration & employment, business operation licenses and permits, equipment leases and hire and environmental issues. We advise on the regulatory and compliance aspects of the suitable business entity or special purpose vehicles (SPVs) utilized by our clients and advise on transactions with cross border dimensions in accordance with the WTO Trade Guidelines, the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods and Related Transactions (CISG), ICC Rules on Documentary Credits.

We utilise our cordial cooperation, alliance, and collaboration with our reliable networks in government organisations and authorities to leverage our clients’ tasks in order to timely deliver our clients’ instructions. Imbued with globalization, our firm has an effective live video conferencing platform using Skype, Cisco WebE and Zoom to promptly communicate with our clients in real time and attend online meetings with our distant clients.

magezi ibale and company advocates

Energy, Infrastructure and Construction law

Our attorneys have worked with various aspects of construction in both public and private projects including PPP’s and have a deep understanding of the issues relevant to owners, contractors, developers, architects, insurance companies, government agencies and other players in this industry.

Our firm handles the formation of business entities or Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) intending to undertake building and construction obligations in Uganda. We facilitate our clients from incorporation to operating a bank account and receiving their first cheque and further avail our esteemed clients with our more for less post incorporation legal services and advice.

Our firm understands that the nature of construction business can be robust and complex which has over time compelled our firm to diligently advice our building and construction clients on matters such as licensing, regularization, contract management, joint ventures, legal audits and most importantly ensure that our clients comply, follow and conform with the Employment and Labour Laws, Regulations and bye-laws of Uganda.

The firm advises on building construction contracts including drafting and reviewing such contracts. We execute building and construction contracts with the principles and guidance of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) rules to ensure our client’s contracts are coined in accordance with the accepted international and global standards and ensure that our client’s contracts are in conformity with necessary Laws of Uganda.

The firm also handles disputes relating to construction projects before the courts and arbitration tribunals like the Uganda Institute of Professional Engineers (UIPE), the Uganda Institute of Professional Architects and the Uganda Arbitration Tribunal among others. The firm’s Energy & Minerals Department has advised on power generation projects, mining and rail and transport projects.

We have advised (including the drafting and negotiation of mining, concession, power purchase agreements) for some Fortune 500 Companies and the Top 100 Companies in Uganda on several energy projects in the Eastern and Northern Uganda. Our lawyers keep abreast with changes in legislative and regulatory requirements in these sectors to ensure that our clients duly comply with the dynamic changes in the applicable Laws of Uganda. We also have expertise in energy litigation and arbitration and have represented the key energy firms in Uganda in all dispute resolution in Uganda.