magezi ibale and company advocates


Our firm offers support to insurance and re-insurance companies on commercial, regulatory and dispute management aspects of their business. Our insurance attorneys focus on the legal issues that affect insurers, reinsurers, insureds, intermediaries, and their professional insurance consultants. Our approach is to bring an array of insurance-specific counselling, regulatory transactional, litigation and expertise to bear in order to achieve the most effective solutions for our clients.

Our clients span the breadth of commercial insurance providers, consumers, intermediaries, and consultants. We have cultivated a highly sophisticated nationwide insurance practice that focuses solely on the business of insurance. Our attorneys frequently act as counsel for insurance and reinsurance programs aimed at specific markets.

In addition, we represent insurance clients in the resolution of claim and coverage disputes, whether between insurer and insured or among multiple carriers. The insurance sector in Uganda is mired with fraudulent and disingenuous claims, a prevalent trend which has compelled our firm to cooperate with our insurer’s loss adjustors and assessors in order to thoroughly investigate any suspicious insurance claim.

The conclusions of such investigate arm our firm with relevant knowledge in order to diligently advice insurers on whether to settle the claim or tenaciously defend a suit. Insurance litigation in an era in which litigation often seems out of control, Magezi, Ibale& Co. Advocates is dedicated to focusing its attention on the fulfilment of its client’s litigation objectives. Litigation presents a series of decisions – whether to initiate litigation defensively, whether and when to propose compromise or settlement – in which lawyer and client must weigh both the risks and costs of their plan of action.

It is our goal to ensure that these decisions are made with active attention to the client’s interests, never reactively allowing litigation to take on a life of its own. The firm also has an active practice defending transport and haulage companies. The firm’s practice includes advising these clients and their insurers prior to litigation, as well as representing them in courts at trial and on appeal. The firm is particularly experienced in the area of alternative dispute resolution, including various forms of arbitration and mediation.