Our firm advises employers on compliance with Employment and Labour Laws, Health and Safety Laws/Regulations of Uganda. We further formulate Internal Rules and Regulations for our clients to ensure that employees understand the core and principal rules and regulations of their employees. We understand that some companies outsource value addition employees from outside Uganda.

Our immigration attorneys guide our clients on the most appropriate way to secure employment for non-Uganda citizens in Uganda by obtaining the necessary work permits, entry permits, special passes, or certificates of residence. Our Firm offers customized, effective, and convenient advice on employment and labour matters.

Protecting our client’s business is our primary concern, whether by promoting commitment and productivity of employees through performance agreements, non-competes, whether intellectual property, through tailor-made employment contracts, restrictive covenant and confidentiality agreements or other methods. Our team will help you arrange effective employer-employee relations and formulate policies and procedures governing matters such as;

  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Harassment
  • Sickness And Disability
  • Progressive Discipline
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Compensation
  • Work Perks and Benefits
  • Summary Dismiss or Termination

Our firm is a friendly conduit for our employers to the appropriate and registered labour/trade unions. We apply our practical experience honed for over 20 years and our sound knowledge on the law regularizing and governing the operation of labour/trade unions in Uganda ensure that these unions are not frequent impediment to our client’s daily business operations.

Our firm has experience in handling employment disputes and our attorneys apply the firm’s practical, appropriate and commercial sense principles to remedy such disputes either by alternative dispute resolutions methods or an adversarial system of justice before Labour Officers, The Industrial Court or the High Court of Uganda. Whether unionized or non-non-unionized, conglomerate, or mid-size company, our client’s company’s workforce is one of its most vital and complex elements. To manage and challenge the convoluted and myriad issues employment law presents, you need an experienced and strategic legal ally.

When dealing with organizational restructuring or change management, trust our comprehensive counsel on the human resource aspects and labour law implications. If you face claims of retaliation, employee misconduct, bullying, harassment or discrimination, our experienced team will be in your corner. We help you address even the most sensitive and high-profile claims and investigations. We can also guide you through whistle-blower concerns, corporate governance issues, fiduciary duties of senior management and other challenges.