About Us


Messrs Magezi, Ibale & Co. Advocates is a well-established commercial law firm duly approved by the Uganda Law Council to practice law in Uganda. Our legal team is endowed with a wealth of practical and legal experience and expertise in the field of Intellectual property, Commercial Law & Transactions, Conveyancing, Family Relations Law, Banking and Finance, Employment Law, Oil and Gas Law & Pension Law.

We are a client – oriented law firm. We devote our skill, time, knowledge and experience to tailor bespoke solutions for our clients. We design innovative solutions weaved with the guidance of the law and combine it with tried, tested and practical remedies.\r\n\r\nAt Messrs Magezi, Ibale & Co. Advocates, we strongly believe that for every wrong, there is not just a remedy but an affordable, appropriate, and convenient remedy. This is a core guiding principle at our firm that compels our team to diligently sift through our client’s humongous correspondence and ardently heed our client’s concerns to cause us to prescribe the most convenient course of action for our clients.

Our firm’s unique culture and core values have been honed and nurtured for over two decades. From the founding of the firm in 1995, devotion to service, teamwork, loyalty, diversity, individual satisfaction and fairness have been guiding principles and values by which we measure ourselves.